Tuesday, November 6, 2007


- noun
1. A feeling of deep and bitter anger and ill-will

Last night I decided to do a little reading. No, not the kind that improves your life like the books we have with Team. I did the “other” kind of reading. I spent two or three hours reading the blogs that describe the recent events that affect all of us with TEAM.

I started with the pro A/Q blogs. I read much of the Alticor Media Blog, the Amway Blog, then the Real Quixtar Blog.

My next read was the anti A/Q blogs. One man’s Perspective, Amquix Info, and others each got a brief overview.

The remainder of my time was spent on blogs obviously written by leaders who find themselves in a similar situation as me and my friends. The Free The IBO Blog, IBO Rebellion, Q'Reilly, Save us Dick DeVos, and others.

Needless to say, there is a lot of information online!

After twenty years of marriage, my wife asked me a interesting question the other night. My wife is an incredible woman. She has been kind and loving since the day we met. She truly is my best friend.
Her question to me was this… “After all we have been through, what would be the one thing that would ruin the relationship between the two of us”? Since she has proven to be faithful as well as loyal, only one word came to my mind.

Bitterness” I said.

I have spent my entire life around people. I have been a mentor as well as received mentorship. I have seen every personality combination imaginable. The one trait I have seen that is the hardest for me to deal with is “Bitterness”. All of us have been around people who sap our energy just by being in their presence. Some people lighten up a room when they enter, bitter people lighten the room when they exit. These people are absolutely "toxic". I believe God puts a few of these people in each of our lives to remind us how good we have it!

The truth is, we all have things in life that make us mad or angry. All of us have been “wronged” at some point in our life. Many of us feel very "wronged" at this time! It’s how we respond to these situations that will eventually define us. Some internalize the problems and it effects their attitude ( It’s not the snake bite that can kill you, it’s the poison ). Others shake it off and try to find the lessons in each of life’s problems.

While reading the blogs last night it became obvious to me that there are many “Bitter” bloggers. Tex, JThompson, and a handful of others quickly come to mind. I expected to see a few anti-team people name calling and bashing away, but was a little surprised to read a few of the post that appeared to be people from Team. I can certainly understand why a few unfocused critics are bitter, but my partners on TEAM??? We know where we are headed. We have an army of leaders to build! ( one million for starters )

While the situation we find ourselves in, can be unsettling at times, understand that God is in control. That is not to imply we will get our way and win every battle, rather it is to remind us all that there is a purpose for our lives and a common goal for the Team. The only way we will miss our destiny is for us to lose sight of those dreams and end up bitter.

We must not let that happen to any of us!

After hours of Tex et al, I think I will listen to an extra CD this afternoon. Maybe you should too.

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