Sunday, November 11, 2007


My nanny walked in our kitchen last week and approached my wife and I. “I have great news”, she said with a huge smile, “ I am pregnant!” My wife screamed, then we celebrated for a few minutes. We are so excited for her and her husband since this will be their first child. We gave her a hug, then she headed for the door.
“I have to run” she said, “My husband and I are going crib shopping.”

All of us that are parents know how crazy and exciting their next nine months will be. Although we may have busy lives, suddenly, our entire life is now consumed in preparation for the “future” baby. A space has to be found, floors cleaned, walls painted, and furniture purchased. All of this, for a child that won’t arrive for months. My wife and I know this first hand. With four children, we have spent at least three years of our lives “nesting”

A couple we have mentored for the last few years came by for dinner last week. Once finished, we spent some time chatting. They have been listening to CD’s, and reading books for the past few months but had an interesting question for me. “We know that we are growing personally and learning new skills, but we don’t really see any opportunities in our life right now where we can apply them.”

The truth is, everyday of our lives we have opportunities that come our way. They may happen at your church, your school, in your neighborhood, or at your place of employment. They may be associated with a child, a spouse, or as a way to serve your community. They may be financially or in business, but they come at us daily. This is when you get the chance to apply what you have learned.

Imagine having a child, then realizing you never prepared? It would not be fatal to your baby, but I am sure we would all agree, the first few week of your child’s life would be better spent bonding, than trying to catch up with things undone.
The same is true with leadership training and personal development. It is much better to grow as a person with no apparent opportunity, than to have an opportunity come your way and not be prepared. Most would struggle for a while or miss the opportunity all together.

"Before everything else, getting ready is the secret to success." - Henry Ford

“So get ready my friends. Read, listen, and grow everyday," I told them, ” It is times like these we prepare for our Destiny.”

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